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14-16 September 2016

CosmoBike Mobility 2015, the program

 Friday September 11th 2015

h 10:00 – “The Vision of a New Mobility, goal 2030”

Italy is a country with a long cycling tradition and it’s redescovering it just in the last years as a mean of transportation. What is Italy doing and what will be done to promote and support the paradigm’s switch? How will mobility be in 2030?


Paolo Pinzuti – Cycling Development Officer, Bikenomist srl
Paolo Gandolfi – Member of the Italian Parliament (PD)
Mirko Busto –Member of the Italian Parliament (M5S)
Pierfrancesco Maran – Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Municipality of Milan
Luca Tamini – Politecnico di Milano URB&COM Lab
Giulietta Pagliaccio – Chairman FIAB

visione mobilità nuova

h 11:30 – Round Table: “The role of Regions for cyclists’ mobility”

Heading to a National Office and to Regional Offices for Cyclists’ Mobility promotion.

Marco Passigato – Verona University;
Jacopo Michi – FIAB Tuscany;
Valerio Montieri – Regione Lombardia e FIAB
Erminia Falcomatà – Directorate for Motorways and Bicycle Infrastructures, Lombardy Region
Diego Gallo – Padua University e FIAB
Riccardo Buffoni – Directorate for Infrastructures Region Tuscanay;
Elisa De Berti – Regional Councilor for Public Works, Veneto Region;
Raffaele Donini,Regional Councilor for Transportation, Emilia-Romagna Region.

Ore 14:00 – Seminar: “Tools for Urban Mobility: the Bikeplan”

The aim of the network created by the bikeplan is to create efficient, safe and comfortable itineraries. They should follow the main traffic corridors and have to be the north star for organizing distribution system and local access.
Moderator: Alfredo Drufuca – Polinomia srl;

Roberto Di Bussolo – Municipality of Venice;
Marco Lucio Argiroffi – CoopVoce
Carlo Mari –  Molise University
Valentina Ridolfi – Agency Strateci Plan  Rimini
Enrico Durbano – Eco Counter;


Ore 15:00 – Round Table: “Bicycle itineraries planning”

In order to enhance the use of the bicycle it is necessary to look for high quality geometric and functional characteristics. That’s the only way to guarantee an acceptable speed for long range cyclists. There are different elements that have to be considered when planning cycling routes.  

Moderator: Matteo Dondé –Scientific Director Bikenomist srl;
Alessandro Meggiato –  Reggio Emilia Municipality;
Jacopo Michi – Lawyer FIAB.
Giorgio Fiorillo – SRM Reti e Mobilità
Alberto Fiorillo – Legambiente / VeloLove
Marco Magistrali/Riccardo Rampini – Betonrossi spa

Ore 17:00 – Lecture: “Bike sharing: the new frontiers”

Bike sharing schemes are one of the possible solutions for the “last mile” issue. The implementation of such scheme has dramatically changed transit habits of the citizens. What have to be taken as a model and where is the technical evolution  of the sector heading to?

Moderator: Paolo Pinzuti – Cycling Development Officer, Bikenomist srl


Massimo Pegoretti – Lock and Charge
Vito Caiata – KCS
Fabio Lopez – Director of the cycling projects in Milano.

Saturday, September 12th 2015

Ore 10:00 – Round Table: “Fighting Bicycle Theft”

The fear of theft is one of the main reasons why people don’t use a bicycle for urban mobility. This topic iso so important that many countries have written and implemented handbooks for bike parking’s planning. Wherever they are, bicycles need safe, comfortable and well organized bike parkings.
Moderator: Simona Larghetti – Chairman association Salvaiciclisti Bologna

Andrea Colombo – Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Municipality of Bologna
Paolo Hutter – Eco dalle Città
Paolo Bernini – Member of the Italian Parliament (M5S)
Piero Nigrelli – Director Bicycle Branch, ANCMA

Ore 11:30 – Seminar: “Intermodality”

Intermodality means combining different means of transportation and specifically it means to be able to carry your bicycle in public transit systems, autobuses, trains, tramways. Many country demonstrated that you can strenghten the use of bicycles just integrating cycling with other means of transportation.


Sara Poluzzi – Associazione Salvaiciclisti Bologna
Anna Donati – Gruppo Mobilità Sostenibile Kyoto Club.
Mirijam Borsboom – Dutch Cycling Embassy
Ansel Davoli – Municpal Counilor, Verona Municipality

treno bicicletta dobbiaco

Ore 14:00 – Round Table: “Traffic Calming, Safety and 30 zones”

Building a cyclists’ friendly environment is the first and most important challenge to face order to spread cycling mobility, becaus people need to move in a safe and comfortable environment. Traffic calming does not mean exclusivelly slowing down cars, but it also requires a certain attention for the quality of urban public spaces which have to allow a peaceful coexistence of different subjects and means of traansportation.


Edoardo Galatola –  Engineer, FIAB
Alberto Marescotti – Architect, irectorate for Mobility and Traffic, Padua Municipality;
Federico Del Prete –  Cyclopride Association
Alberto Pallotti – Associazione Italiana Familiari Vittime della Strada
Marco Ambrosini – Deeputy Mayor for Mobility, Municipality of Verona

Ore 15:00 – Lecture: “Shared Spaces and Open Streets”

Urban field tests realized through low cost, bottom up planned temporary interventions offer the opportunity to show people the advantages of slowing down motorized. Through this kind of events, the citizenship can easily discover the benefits coming from traffic calming such as increased safety and liveability, noise reduction. The implications of this approach are a widespread public approval of the intervention and the opportunity to apply some changes to the project before its final realisation.


Matteo Dondé – Scientific Director, Bikenomist srl
Giuseppe Piras – Association Bike Pride FIAB Torino
Davide Lazzari – Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Municipality of Pavia
Eugenio Gattolin – General Manager, Confcommercio Veneto

h 17:00 – Seminar: “Orientation e Road Signs”

In order to promote cycling as an alternative mean of transportation for commuting you have to offer not only infrastructures, but also informmation.

Moderator: Matteo Dondé – Scientific Director, Bikenomist srl
Speakers: Rito Briglia – Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Municipality of Pesaro
Ivan Moroder – Mobility Office Director, Municipality of Bozen;
Francesco Seneci – Technical Director Netmobility s.r.l.
Günther Innerebner – Helios
Mirijam Borsboom – Dutch Cycling Embassy


Sunday, Settembre 13th 2015

h 11:30 – Lecture, The city of Children: Cycling for a healthy life.

Urbanists generally do not think of children when they plan public spaces and services. Nonetheless primary prevention and good practices are learnt as a child. Mobility on foot and by bicycle: benefits and challenges.


Germana Prencipe – Health Responsable, FIAB Onlus

Ore 14:00 – Cyclelogistic: an economic opportunity for ptivates and for the cities

The city centres are more and more closed to motorized traffic, but even when motorized vehicles can freely move around, traffic congestion hinders the fast dispatch of the goods. Cyclelogistics has been the key to solve delivery issues in many cities and created the opportunity for the creation of heallthy and succesful companies.


Cosimo Chiffi –  Senior Consultant  TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Project manager of Cyclelogistics Ahead
Giuseppe Galli – TRT Trasporti e Territorio Partner, CEO Triclò

Ore 16:00 – Lecture: Car’s and Bicycle’s representation in moovies and advertisement

We will go through XX century’s culture in order to watch at the future of our cities at the down of mass motorization. From Frank Capra to Steven Spielberg, from John Lasseter to 007, we’ll look for a plot about bicycles and cars within cinema and adverisement.


Federico Del Prete – Associazione Cyclopride

Ore 16:45 – Lecture: Healthy life through Cycling

Our society faced a dramatical indrease of offer for physical activities. Can cycling to work or during leasure time be a good physical activity?


Dr. Giorgio Pasetto –  specialized in Movement Sciences

percorso ciclabille

Monday, September 14th 2015

Technical training for architects and engineers

Sala Rossini

H 10:00 – New Mobility Planning: Cycling and Traffic Calming

The Vision of a New Mobility

Planning a bicycle Friendly city

Traffic Calming 30 Zones and spread cycling

h 13:00 – Comparing different models

Dutch best practices

via Emilia Ospizio and multifunctional central corridor

Communication and local animation: experiences from Torino Mirafiori

#Bicittadini: Schools promote urban bbicycle itineraries

Communicating road safety

Living streets and Field Tests:  Terni and Casalmaggiore cases


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